Lindsey and Alex

Lindsey and Alex’s wedding day was filled with all things organic, natural and Bohemian. South African King protea, draping garland, flower crowns, birch teepees, wooden log benches in the wooded setting all came together to create a whimsical and botanical wedding.

The blushing bride and king protea, peonies, garden roses, loosestrife, hypericum berries and draping amaranth along with assorted greenery we created for her bouquet was a dramatic focal point of their day. Our birch teepee was accented with King protea, eucalyptus and willow to bring the ceremony’s focus to the couple at Briar Barns.

Their choice of venues was perfect to carry out the vision for their day. Being able to walk through and experience the botanical gardens at Meijer Gardens was ideal for them. Table decorations included birch teepees with draping flowers and vines and birch cylinder vases with willow branches and succulents at the top nestled in a base of moss, succulents and other natural elements.

Photo Credit: CarleyPagePhotography and Christina Cernik Photography

Photographer: https://carleypagephotography.com  and  http://www.christinacernik.com

Ceremony: http://www.thebriarplace.com

Reception: http://www.meijergardens.org/host/weddings-receptions/

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